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The Story Of Beyrac


Beyrac Architects born from ACI (Architecture concept international) Launched in 2002 in Beausoleil - France. The agency worked with DHA Architects Then with AMA architects to create a big concepts for such projects especially in France and Middle East.


ACI became independent with the architect Sawsan Beyrac the founder who was selected with big Architects international for the project 

 (( La Tour SIGNAL Paris La Défense -Tower Signal-)).

The Architect Sawsan Beyrac shortlisted in The world's architectural elite in the semifinals for the Signal tower (Lemoniteur) :

Sawsan Beyrac Obtained international architecture license from Clermont,Ferrand - France in 2001 that qualification to work in Europe,USA,Canada,and Middle East.



State-Awarded Bachelor in Architecture (D.P.L.G) in 2001,France.

Specialized in transformation Urban, Architecture And Landscape.


Other activities of Sawsan Beyrac:

CEO -Real Estate companies.

S.C.I Sawsan        Since 2002 - Nice,France

S.C.I Rayan Jade  Since 2015 - Nice,France

S.A.R.L - L.R.D   Since 2017  - Nice,France                                                                                             

Beyrac Architects Team

Sustainability Study:

-Environmental Management HQE,BREEAM,BEPOS.

-Renewable Energy.

-Comfort Project


-Sustainable Management and Qualitative.

-GHG emissions (Carbon)

-Waste Management.


Sawsan Beyrac

CEO Architect D.P.L.G France


Philippe Beyrac

General Manager


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