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The building is a vertical movement, as a mountain has risen. We considered this mountain as a volcano, but nature accompanied this movement, and dug its path from its heart. to get out an create a plaza to build the city around it.

The average of the driving cars is 24 days per year! we tried in this project to reduce the using of cars by design a skyscraper a community to work and live-in same place.
The skyscraper is a source, the city created around it as the fertile nature planting around volcano.
The concept of the skyscraper has been considering the possibilities of future and utilizing new design strategies to help countries reset their urban planning.
This project will identify the importance of nature in the contemporary city trends that are creating urban plazas around the tower to symbolize the skyscraper as a generator of heart of the community.
The project will have diverse of nature, an open nature outside in moderate weather, and an internal nature in the rest of the seasons, but each of them is an incentive to nature and establish social relations too close, that is, close to us without being in a private place and this is up to date with the new social life started with people close to us which is the neighborhood.

The Volcano

Site: Dubai Za'abeel

Project Gallery

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