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The aim of the project is the creation of a new piece of art intended to dialogue with the surrounding context,

specifically with what the lakes of flamingo represent. In terms of material, particularly that the " beauty of its interior. This desire combined the program established to create a building characterized by wooden walls and a part glass O.P.V contained to produce the electricity from sun.

The choice of using wood as the main material is also inspired from the same environment, the exterior and interior design made from wood, to dive in depth of nature.

Furthermore, the score of the opening is analyzed to fit with the bird movement. The sided opening to view the horizon and enjoy the flamingo actions such as immigration, flying, and playing,dancing..etc.
The skylight opening to get a catch view while the flamingo flying high at sky.
The program of project included cafe,terrace,display area, and gift shop.
To get a live project in term of function and appearance.

Ras Al Khor Flamingo

Site : Dubai Ras Al Khor

Project Gallery

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