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Clermont Ferrand


The city of Clermont-Ferrand characterized by steep topographies. Our idea was born from the “Puy de Dôme”. The land rose to make new spaces up highwith buildings below. The presence of land moving up and down will give birth to buildings with variable heights, carrying new public spaces at various levels: one of those movements comes out the “Le Coq” garden, crosses the site, moves up and forms a contemporary lookout to the Dôme. In this project, we created “in-between public /private spaces”, that is, semipublic spaces but with various forms and types. These are sustainable spaces which help creating a balanced transition between public and private spaces, and the urban osmosis can be achieved.

Program :
Offices 50,246 m² (General Council)
To be built 33,980 m²
Housing to rehabilitate 7068 m²

Cultural facilities 7000 m²
Sustainable city - HQE approach

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