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Za'abeel Park


After an in-depth diagnostic of the site, we would like to propose a flexible, fluid building, in harmony with its surroundings. This harmony extends to the urban scale to ensure dialogue with the Sheikh ZAYED road, an urban landmark. Our project reflects Dubai’s history.


Sea fishing, the Emirate’s main historical activity, as well as the Emirate’s location, at the crossroad of the world, were both a crucial inspiration during the development of this concept. Four sailing ships join forces to try to find a rare Pearl and lift it towards the sky with the help of nets and arches forming an entity which symbolizes interaction, modernity and the business world. This led to the design of the “Dubai PEARL SKY” Tower, which could well become a major tourist destination in Dubai.




Za’abeel park Library, Lounge and Conferences Center     


Area : 450m2

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